Shaykh Zakir Choudhury

Knowing Allah

HE IS . . . Knowing Allah (4 CREDITS)

How do we understand his Names and Attributes? Get inspired through learning the in-depth meanings of His Names and Attributes and the science behind them. What's the difference between His Name, Attribute, Action, and Description? See the wisdom of the selective usage and sequence of His Names in the Quran. Unlock the secrets linked to His Names and success. Learn the secrets on how to make every action a form of worship. Witness history unfold and see what role Greek philosophy plays in interpreting His Names and Attributes.

13 Thought-Provoking Classes taught by Shaykh Zakir Choudhury

Angels and Jinn

Starting 3.2.2019 - OF LIGHT AND FIRE (3 CREDITS)

There are bodies around us that we cannot see and Humans are the center of their focus. Some of them love us and some of them want to harm us. They are created of light and fire. Submerge into another reality and experience a world never seen before: the world of the Angels and Jinn. What is it like to be an Angel? What do the Jinn do during the night? Be awed and marvel at the creativity of Allah and learn how the belief in their existence can increase your iman.

13 Thought-Provoking Classes taught by Shaykh Zakir Choudhury