Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh and Shaykh Zakir Choudhury

He is . . . Knowing Allah and 5 is 50: Fiqh of Salah
2 Course Bundle,
Discounted Tuition Fee for Each Course

2 Course Bundle,
Discounted Tuition Fee for Each Course

Ongoing Course - HE IS . . . Knowing Allah (4 CREDITS)

How do we understand his Names and Attributes? Get inspired through learning the in-depth meanings of His Names and Attributes and the science behind them. What's the difference between His Name, Attribute, Action, and Description? See the wisdom of the selective usage and sequence of His Names in the Quran. Unlock the secrets linked to His Names and success. Learn the secrets on how to make every action a form of worship. Witness history unfold and see what role Greek philosophy plays in interpreting His Names and Attributes.


  • Understanding the names and attributes of Allah
  • The difference between His names and attributes
  • Allah's purpose of mentioning two names in one verse
  • The importance of affirmation and negation of Allah's names and attributes
  • Making more powerful du'aas using His names
  • How understanding His names and attributes will increase your emaan
  • Signs that Allah loves you
  • Comparing the concept of god in Islam with other religions
  • Understanding the greatest verse in the Quran: Ayat ul Kursi
  • Seeing calamities differently
  • Maximizing your du'aa and dhikr
  • And much more!

Ongoing Course - 5 is 50 . . . Fiqh of Salah - 13 classes (4 CREDITS)

Is one-fifth of your prayer being accepted? Where do you put your hands after ruku? Do men and women pray differently? Learn about every motion of the prayer with in-depth knowledge of its fiqh. Engage in live comparative fiqh discussions. Absorb the deep meanings of the words, du’aas, and dhikr used in prayer. Come out of this course confident about your prayer and enjoy living the words of the Prophet, “Pray as you have seen me pray.”

  • The meaning of salah
  • History of salah
  • The ruling of salah
  • Conditions for salah
  • How to improve focus in salah
  • Explanation of the salah movements
  • Forbidden salah times
  • Making up missed salah
  • Adornment in salah
  • Awrah in salah for men and women
  • Common mistakes in salah
  • Different types of salah
  • And much more!
Clean Deen and Angels and Jinn
2 Course Bundle,
Discounted Tuition Fee for Each Course


Become enlightened by your Faith through an in-depth study of the valid material for purification, the required cleansing processes, their nullifiers, and the required removal of impurities. This course will also cover the crucial notion of purity by studying the indispensable prerequisites of salah: purification of the body, clothes, and prayer area. Students will analyze classical texts expounding the Fiqh of Purification from Ibn Hajar's renowned work Bulugh al-Maram. The course will also present the differences of opinions by various jurists with an analysis of the reason for these variants.



There are bodies around us that we cannot see and Humans are the center of their focus. Some of them love us and some of them want to harm us. They are created of light and fire. Submerge into another reality and experience a world never seen before: the world of the Angels and Jinn. What is it like to be an Angel? What do the Jinn do during the night? Be awed and marvel at the creativity of Allah and learn how the belief in their existence can increase your iman.