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Intermediate Level



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Beginner level introduces the student to the Arabic language and focuses on developing the student’s ability to recognize each letter in writing as well as when spoken. The student learns the proper pronunciation of each letter as well as how to write the letters of the Arabic language independently and in script, which is an integral part of proper reading. The student will also hone his/her skills by doing multiple different reading and writing exercises. This course also begins the Arabic student’s first foray into the amazing world of grammar.

Arabic - Beginner 2


  • Familiar with Arabic letters and the proper pronunciation of each letter as well as how to write the letters.

Intermediate level combines hands-on teaching methodology and strategic curriculum design. The student will venture on an exciting journey in learning Arabic. The program will focus on developing a strong foundation in grammar, morphology, reading comprehension, translation, vocabulary, conversation, and writing in Arabic. Students, upon completion of the intermediate Arabic program, will be able to understand 80% of the Quran.

Arabic 200 (RECORDED CLASSES AVAILABLE) - Taught by Ust. Samuel Anandan
  • Start your journey into the world of Arabic grammar!
  • Learn about the aspects of nouns and verbs
  • Learn how to make nouns plural
Arabic 201:
  • Learn how to conjugate verbs
  • Learn dual and plural forms of nouns
  • Continue to build up your vocabulary skills!
Arabic 208:
  • Learn the different types of verbs, specifically what letters make the past tense verb weak.
  • Students will also be reading a few passages in the Arabic language by applying previously learned grammar rules.
  • Students will start to learn the Quran, Ahadeeth, and prayers without the need of translation.
These courses were originally authored by Shaykh Shakiel Humayun

*Until the semester ends

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Arabic Instructors
Arabic Instructors

Ustadh Rifat Islam
Ustadh Rifat Islam grew up in Queens, NY. Attended St. John's University, currently reside in Valley Stream and work in Queens area. He began his formal Islamic studies with Sh. Shakiel Humayun at FKAD when it began in Astoria. Obtained the Associate's Degree in Islamic and Arabic Studies in 2015.

Ustadh Samuel Anandan
Ustadh Samuel Anandan grew up in Staten Island, NY. After attending college and post-graduate studies at Stony Brook University, he resides in Queens and works in Long Island, NY. Ustadh Samuel began his formal Islamic studies through FKAD Institute, obtaining the ADP degree in Islamic Studies in 2015. Afterward, he completed FKAD's Arabic 360 course under the instruction of Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh. Currently, he teaches Arabic for ADP, organizes FKAD Institute revert program, and hopes to play a larger role in this diverse and vibrant Muslim community.
Email: [email protected]

Ustadh Qaisar Khan
Qaisar Abu Saefillah, born and raised in Pakistan, has lived in Queens, NY for the past twenty-five years. After graduating from Baruch College in Business, he joined FKAD Institute to pursue his knowledge in Islamic Studies and the Arabic Language. He graduated from FKAD Institute with Associate's Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Currently, he teaches Arabic for ADP at FKAD Institute.

"When I was starting to come back on the deen and was relying on sheikh YouTube and Google for my questions. A lot of those sources can be misleading and wrong, with FKAD Institute, we are able to discuss authentic sources and apply it to our lives."

- Tahsin Kalam

“My heart was softening to the remembrance of Allah, my personality was changing, my state of mind was being refined, my outlook on life developed further as I got to know my Creator more."

- Radiyyah Hussein

"The timing of the classes are perfect for working families. Sunday mornings are a great way for spending time seeking knowledge."

- Nancy Hossain

"I had a career, a family, I tried my best to perform my obligations as a Muslim but I struggled with the “why.” One day, I walked in on a Sunday morning to taste the first class and years later walked out those same doors empowered to embrace the only path in life that matters."

- Ahmad Abdel Aziz


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