Peeling the Layers

Removing Doubts about the Deen


PEELING THE LAYERS - Removing Doubts about the Deen (3 CREDITS)
Taught by Sh. Zakareeya Baksh
Classes are live-streamed on Sundays at 11:45 a.m. (EST)

At the lurking of shaytan you find the dark suggestions of doubts. The ideas that perplex the mind and rattle the soul. Does God exist? Why did the Prophets fight wars and battles? Why does evil exist? If God is Merciful and Forgiving, why is there hell? Why is my worship not making me better? This October, peel off these layers of doubts with solid answers from the Quran & Sunnah!


  • Doubts about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  • Misconceptions surrounding Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ marriages
  • Accusations of Islam treating women unfairly
  • Doubts about Allah's messages
  • Misconceptions about crime and punishment in Islam
  • Salvation in Islam compared to Christianity
  • Iman and Kufr
  • The fallacy of atheism
  • Islam and modern values
  • Comparisons of monotheism and the Trinity
  • Reconciling seemingly contradictory texts in the Quran and Hadith
  • And much more!

This course was originally authored by Shaykh Shakiel Humayun

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Your Educator

Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh
Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh was raised in NY. He has completed his memorization of the Quran with Ijazahs, as well many classical Arabic texts. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University. Currently, he is completing his Masters Degree in Islamic Studies. He currently serves as an Islamic Studies and Arabic teacher at The Wellspring Schools, an instructor at the FKAD Institute, as well as a regular Khateeb for Masjid Eesa ibn Maryam.

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