Be Like a Sahabi

Understanding Islam from the 1st Generation


BE LIKE A SAHABI: Understanding Islam from the 1st Generation (3 CREDITS)

After preserving the revelation, Allah most graciously designed a model generation for this nation at the hands of His Messenger (Peace be Upon Him); the Sahabah (Companions). In this course, we will analyze what made them the ideal believers, the most successful generation, and the most flawless embodiment of Islam. We will learn how and why their approach to Islam must be replicated among us today.


  • The virtues of the Companions
  • Characteristics of the saved sect
  • Misguided sects
  • How the Companions preserved the religion
  • The faith of the companions
  • How the companions dealt with revelations
  • How the companions dealt with disagreements
  • The manners of the Companions
  • The Companions and hypocrisy
  • And much more!

Your Educator

Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh
Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh

Shaykh Zakareeya Baksh was raised in NY. He has completed his memorization of the Quran with Ijazahs, as well many classical Arabic texts. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University. Currently, he is completing his Masters Degree in Islamic Studies. He currently serves as an Islamic Studies and Arabic teacher at The Wellspring Schools, an instructor at the FKAD Institute, as well as a regular Khateeb for Masjid Eesa ibn Maryam.

"When I was starting to come back on the deen and was relying on sheikh YouTube and Google for my questions. A lot of those sources can be misleading and wrong, with FKAD Institute, we are able to discuss authentic sources and apply it to our lives."

- Tahsin Kalam

“My heart was softening to the remembrance of Allah, my personality was changing, my state of mind was being refined, my outlook on life developed further as I got to know my Creator more."

- Radiyyah Hussein

"The timing of the classes are perfect for working families. Sunday mornings are a great way for spending time seeking knowledge."

- Nancy Hossain

"I had a career, a family, I tried my best to perform my obligations as a Muslim but I struggled with the “why.” One day, I walked in on a Sunday morning to taste the first class and years later walked out those same doors empowered to embrace the only path in life that matters."

- Ahmad Abdel Aziz


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